Business Account Opening

To meet customers where they do business we set off to build a digital account opening. Prior to being able to open an account online, prospects and our customers had to open accounts in one of our branches.

We met with our colleagues in Business Banking to understand scope and expectations. To understand the current state and problem space we held a session where I facilitated a walk-through Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX Canvas.

Through 2 half day sessions the teams worked successfully to create a problem statement and multiple hypothesis statements to begin the journey of creating a new account opening experience.

We began by simultaneously interviewing stakeholders around the bank to understand what opportunities, risks, and impacts our product could have to customers and colleagues.

In order to understand the experience, the team went into a branch and opened up an account. I have an LLC and was able to open an account in the current experience without our colleagues knowing what we were working on until we had completed the process.

We created a journey map of the experience using a preferred template from the Nielsen Norman Group. After identifying the pain points an opportunities of the in person experience, we used this to help influence our wireframes to begin creating our digital experience.

Our next goal was to learn from our colleagues in the branch, sales, and from customers. We scheduled time with relationship managers to understand the process of opening an account and what gaps our application currently had. We intercepted business customers in branches, and set up appointments for them to go through the application.

After successful tests and iterations of our prototype we moved on to higher fidelity to continue testing and showcasing to our stakeholders. Our work also included email communication design with the customer for when they successfully opened the account. The application is fully responsive from mobile to desktop.